Palestine and the “this-is-a-very-delicate-subject” thing

Why start with Palestine? Anyone who knows me will answer that it is my “thing”. It actually is a very complicated matter. Long story short: Israel and Palestine are disputing over territories that should have been firmly established long ago (yes, yes, there is a resolution, bla bla bla. I know). Of course it is not only because of that. Unfortunately, there’s more to this than meets the eye, but I’m not going to explain that. If you want, you can learn more here.

Now we have a state (of Israel) and we have the Palestinian territories that, according to the international law, are not a state. But that is (hopefully) about to change. Today, 29th of November, Palestine is going to ask for the non-member state status at the United Nations.

In the past few days, we heard about hundreds of deaths in the Palestinian side and three deaths in the Israeli side. It is really disproportional. Nothing justifies the loss of human lives, no matter who started what and for what motives. I believe that the non-member state status will bring a new dimension for the Israeli-Palestinian problem. Let’s wait and see.


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