Nobel Peace Prize – European Union

Today, the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize.The President of the European Council (Herman Van Rompuy), the President of the European Commission (Durão Barroso) and the President of the European Parliament (Martin Schulz) traveled to Oslo to attend the ceremony.

This prize comes at a time that the European Union has a severe economic crisis in its hands. The prize is intended to be, despite all the criticism, an encouragement to overcome the crisis.
I don’t think that receiving a nobel prize will do much for the crisis-affected countries. I don’t think it will bring more solidarity towards them. Actually, I believe that the European Union will be able to overcome the crisis in some years; nevertheless, this prize will not bring the countries together. I’m not being pessimist, I try to be realist: the European countries will not help each other if that means putting their national interests at stake.
On a lighter note, the European Union has shown that it can be a major ally regarding Peace (and yes, we can argue about the methods, but that subject would be long enough to create another blog!).
We just have to wait to see the outcome of this prize.



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25 responses to “Nobel Peace Prize – European Union

  1. I read that someone had suggested that instead of dividing last year´s prize between the three laureates, the committee could have given one of them the 2010 prize (not to Obama), one of them last year and one of them this year. Imagine the impact of the prize money in their different projects!

  2. Considering that the Nobel committee granted a prize to a newly elected US President just on the basis of his…what? being alive? being elected? the color of his skin? Who knows! Kind of like the American football Heisman trophy – about politics and media, not about who is the best at what they do and upstanding character. Hasn’t been since Peyton Manning was overlooked many years ago.

    • It’s true. They should have thought the award twice before giving it to Obama…Anyway, I think it was kind of an encouragement for him like it is for EU, but it shouldn’t have been awarded with that intent.

    • I think Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize simply for not being George Bush!

      • This is true, but not as shallow as it sounds. It wasn’t that he was non-Bush, it was that his campaign repudiated the irresponsible cowboy diplomacy that was corrosive in international politics. And McCain was promising more of the same. Cowboy diplomacy, as urged on by neo-conservative think tanks, gave us the probably justified military overthrow of the Taliban, but then abandoned Afghanistan to chaos in order to conduct a completely unnecessary invasion of Iraq. Bush’s policies, not his person, were corrosive to US-EU alliances and to broader coalition building and international cooperation. Reversing that during a campaign and the earliest days of the Obama administration was no shallow accomplishment. And it is always fun when a US Democrat gets the Peace Prize. Republicans make a lot of speeches about how terrible Sweden and Swedish socialism is. The GOP still hasn’t figured out the Norwegians give the Peace Prize ;-).

  3. Gee, I remember when awards were given on the basis of achievement, not good intentions or what was hoped would be achieved.
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