You can’t touch this

North Korea successfully launched a rocket  this Wednesday (12/12). Several countries condemned the test.

Earlier this year (April), the country tried to launch another rocket but due to a technical failure, the test was a disaster. At the time, the UN addressed the issue and spoke against it, asking North Korea to not try to launch another rocket. Now, it seems that North Korea finally achieved what it had been up to.

North Korea has been asking for the nuclear force status, which has been denied (actually, this launch violates two resolutions regarding nuclear matters). Although the country claims that these tests are not intended to be for nuclear or ballistic purposes, the fact is that this launch brought major concerns for various countries, mostly Asiatic ones: Japan said it was intolerable, South Korea said it was a provocation and Russia condemned the act.

So, is this launch such a big thing as several countries think? It can be. The country is known for not having the best of relations with other states (and now proved that can reach them with a missile). But this doesn’t mean that North Korea is going to attack them. I think that they are trying to say something like “hey, I have nuclear stuff, now you can’t touch me”.

In conclusion, it is a provocation. Who has the better horse wins the race.



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10 responses to “You can’t touch this

  1. It looks like you are on your way here. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

  2. I read that it was a satellite launch, but the media likes to turn into a scare story.

  3. It was a simpler time when wars were fought with horses…

  4. You’re right about the impact the launch has on NK’s ability to posture. Especially to its own, tightly-controlled citizens. Although it was a satellite launch, the technology and mechanisms are the same whether the rocket launches a satellite, or a weapon. And NK’s leader is pretty new — he might be looking to make a name for himself. The threat is mainly because their history has been marked by puzzling, often delusional statements. Are they crazy? Are they desperate? If so, that’s as dangerous as handing Saddam Hussein Scud missiles, or handing a crazy person a bundle of cheap fireworks — who knows where it will land and what damage it will cause. Hopefully the NK leadership is more logical than its predecessor. Time will tell…

    Thanks for the like btw…

  5. Your blog is unique in its own way. It was a nice read 🙂

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