People are not numbers

I’m going to start this post saying that one refugee is already too many. No one should be obliged to run from his country.
Yesterday, 20th of June, it was “celebrated” the world refugee day. According to UN newest report, there are 7.6 million refugees due to conflict or persecution, at a rhythm of 23000 people per day (!). These numbers are shocking. Pakistan, Iran and Germany are the major host countries to refugees and Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Sudan were the countries that created the largest quantity of refugees.
The number keeps rising. In a world that should be all about acceptance and peace, we have this major problem. So, why should you care? Imagine yourself being displaced from your house, your belongings, your friends, being forced into a country that (most of the time) doesn’t speak your language, or even a home-country town away from yours, were you have no job, no family, nothing. You wouldn’t know if you could ever return to your home country/town and to the comfort of your previous life. How would you feel? Helpless and lost, right? This is how a refugee feels.
At this moment you are asking: “But if they are going to a better life, how should I care?”. A lot of them don’t get a better life, they just get away from the immediate threat.
How can we help them? First of all, care about them. They aren’t just numbers. There are a lot things you can do – like this.

If you want to find more information about refugees, consult UN’s report about the matter.

Give me your opinions below 🙂



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34 responses to “People are not numbers

  1. The numbers are shocking. I liked this campaign from UNHCR. asking what is the one thing you would take if you suddenly had to flee your home. It makes one think but I still haven’t decided what I would take.

  2. I could offer many ideas in terms of policies and practical ways to help refugees. But given the way many seek to ostracise them, I think the most important thing that we can do is to remind people that they are human beings just like us, and ought to be treated accordingly.

  3. Nice piece. Keep fighting the good fight- with so much irrational hate and distrust of the Other all over the world,we need to keep reminding each other that hate cannot be allowed to win.

  4. 30 million people were also displaced in 2012 due to climate change. What we’ve done to our environment is now a force more harmful than warfare.

  5. Hi:

    Thanks for coming by my site and expressing interest in my work. Your post is absolutely wonderful and spot-on. Thanks for sharing it and keep up the great work.


  6. Great post. These numbers amaze me. Actually picturing these numbers as people makes it even more lucid. Really insightful post. Keep it up..

  7. Really enjoyed reading your posts, and seeing what you’re up to. Tried to connect to you on linkedin, but my portugese ran out! Will follow your blog instead. Thanks for liking my WRD post!
    Take care, Janet

  8. Interesting article, good blog.

  9. Hi, thought you might be interested in this blog

    keep up the good work

  10. As a cosmopolitan, I totally agree to the concept of “care.” We are only struggling with such intangible concept; but that doesn’t mean we should stop caring for others as we have responsibilities for others intrinsically. I’m leaving a column URL I wrote about (regarding “numbers”).

    “American WMDs”:

  11. Land and oil. Iraq struggle isn’t for religion. It is for profit. I agree every life is important. How do you change the 3% who control the world. Wealthy people control the movement of food, oil and concern. If no-one supply the murderers with guns, weapons and resources. War would end. No profit in peace for the wealthy men in this world.

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