It has to start with each and every one of us!

During the summer, everyone saw/heard about the ice/water bucket challenge. The purpose of this challenge was to raise awareness for different health issues (depending on the country). Although it is good that we are raising awareness for these issues, doing it with water really bothered me.

As I said before in my previous posts, water is a scarce resource that should be saved, not wasted.

I came across with the picture on top (Arab News), and, as usual, it got me thinking. As shown in the image, several people have to walk a lot only to get water. According to Charity Water, in Africa they spend around 40 billion hours walking, just to get water. Usually is either women or children that go get the water, which can be contaminated or unhealthy to drink. For women, these long walks are not safe, they can be sexually harassed and they lose time when they could be working. For children, this means loosing time that could be used to go to school or to study. Not to mention all the diseases that come from unclean water and the dangers of the trip itself.

Now, let’s take a moment to imagine your life with no water or limited access to it. Imagine that you want to go to the toilet, and you don’t have water to flush. Imagine that you want to take a bath and there is no water to do it. Imagine that you are really thirsty, and you have to walk 3 km to get the water that you and your family will drink (which can be contaminated). It is very hard to imagine, isn’t it? Now imagine what the 780 million people that lack access to drinkable water and the 2.5 billion people that don’t have adequate sanitation have to trough every day. Unfortunately for them, it is also hard to imagine how it is to have access to clean, drinkable water and good sanitation. This is a major problem that gets limited attention.

So what I am going to propose here is instead of using water to raise awareness for different causes, let’s raise awareness for water. It has to start with each and every one of us.

Please let your thoughts below!



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37 responses to “It has to start with each and every one of us!

  1. Pete Hulme

    A useful pause for thought. Not only do we waste water when we are on automatic pilot ourselves – for example rinsing dishes under the tap – but many of our automatic devices squander water at the push of a button – toilet flushes, dishwashers, washing machines. Being more mindful of the matter will help reduce this mindless wastage, I think.

  2. Winslie Gomez

    You’re welcome! Delighted to share.

  3. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Other planets dried up but I believe this planet will drown in saltwater. Fresh water will be more valuable than gold. I am concerned about the lack of fresh water. Good insight in your post.

  4. Its so true that the overwhelming majority of People on this Planet do not have potable water. And, if you take this even further, consider the criminal acts of large corporations that produce infant formula.

    The WHO states that Mother’s Milk is all that an infant needs for, at least, the first six months of its life. Besides sufficient nourishment and hydration, the baby also acquires certain nutrients and antibodies that will benefit it forever–and even if the Mother is severely malnourished.

    Although Big Formula signed an agreement not to market formula in undeveloped countries, it does. Not understanding the difference, many Women mix formula with polluted river water or what they might find in mud puddles–causing the infants to acquire serious diseases. WHO has no power to enforce the agreements that the corporations signed.

    The formula companies in many developed countries distribute going home kits to the hospitals, providing various baby care needs, including formula and coupons to buy more. Mothers, once again, tend to believe that the formula must be good for the newborns if the hospital provided it, so they buy more. I’m happy to say that the County hospital in Miami discarded the formula kits, and offers nurses as breast-feeding coaches instead.

    Lastly, there is a free web site for new Mothers to consult about the care for newborns. IT IS A SCAM! It asks for contact information; but, it is really data-mining. The contact information that you provide goes back to the formula-producing company. It will send you coupons for its baby products and, then, it will shift the approach to encourage you to buy different products as the baby gets older. Cradle to grave marketing, huh?

    Isn’t it sad that companies such as Nestles cannot profit by doing the right thing–for the newborn and Mom? Corporate greed!

  5. no justice out there, only a shameful show of power since a hundred people have more money than the half of this humanity. How these people y the world they control/command think and do? Answer: this picture in your post is very illustrative…

  6. Thanks for this post as water is valuable and everyone must realize after seeing this post to save water.

  7. TK Sandler

    It’s become more of a competition rather then the raising of money for a worthy cause. It’s more like people are trying to one up the other guy or gal. I prefer rather to send money for water to Africa, then to waste it on someone head for attention.

  8. We must bring our own water from a spring in the next town over. Before moving to Mexico, I never thought twice about my water consumption. Now I cherish every drop.

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  10. If hard work yielded rewards the way we were brought up to believe, the women and children who you mention would be making millions.

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  13. I really love your articles. This ice bucket thing drove me nuts this year. I’m glad to see you speak for those of us who do our best to be environmentally responsible in the face of pop culture lunacy. I look forward to reading more from you.

  14. Water is becoming the new oil. The Islamic State certainly pays attention to conquering areas near dams, where they will then control the supply. And what vital resource will be next? Oxygen?

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