Do you feel safe?

10582094105_4d7d1c3d57_oTerrorism. If you check on Wikipedia, it is defined as (…) violent acts (or the threat of violent acts) intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for an economic, religious, political, or ideological goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants.

For those of you that don’t know, I currently live in the UK. 10 years ago, a series of bombings happened in London, killing 52 people. These were terrorist attacks. Another one had occurred the previous year in Spain. We all know about the 9/11 attacks. Several others happened in the last years, a recent one in Tunisia.

The feeling I had on the anniversary of the bombings here in the UK was of profound sadness. How can anyone, despite their ideology or religion, can do something like that? Take out so many innocent lives? The fact is, they can. And it is happening all over the world.

Today, I was reading about the terrorism threat levels in the UK. I must say that I was a bit shocked to find out that the level is “severe” at the moment, meaning an attack is highly likely. Something like this makes you feel uncomfortable. Now, I am usually a very relaxed person on these types of matters, but I’ve been finding myself more worried than usual once in a while. If first we had Al-Qaeda and others, now we have the Islamic State. And even if the latter disappears there is always going to be some other organisation that will come and enforce fear. And the most disturbing thought is that an attack can happen anytime, anywhere.

So, my main question here is what should be done? As far as we know the war on terror is still ongoing, is that enough/good? Or should we address the issue in a different way?



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7 responses to “Do you feel safe?

  1. rura88

    Terrorism only works when people are afraid to die. When that fear is absent the terrorist has no effect. Western society at large does not like thinking about death and unpleasantness.

    To feel safe depends on several factors. In relation to the “War on Terror” all one can do is avoid places where one feels uncomfortable and be kind to others. There are certain things in life you cannot control and to worry to much about them does not help. Most people want to live in peace and prosperity and would not hurt others.

  2. I grew up in Northern Ireland in the 80s so terrorism was just a part of life. You just had to get on with things. I think the problem with the war on terror is that fighting these people just creates more of them. I don’t know the solution, but I don’t think more conflict will solve it.

  3. Define terror? The terrorist is where you are standing. USA spend 1.2 trillion on war and no war. Who are we fighting or supporting? I believe the supporter of terror are the dangerous people. Making profit off war and death.

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