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First World War centenary and the state of the world

This morning I had a conversation about the state of the world. It is something that has been on my mind for quite some time, as the number of conflicts keeps increasing. If you look around in the news you will see articles about the Syrian War, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, about problems in Iraq, about the war in Ukraine

The world is a complete, total mess. And how? How did we arrive here?

Last week (28 July 2014) marked the 100 years of the beginning (28 July 1914) of the 1st World War. You can click the link if you want a simple explanation about it. There are several ceremonies around the world regarding WW I, remembering all the sacrifices made, all the lives lost. You can check more here. It is not rare finding a monument to the WW I and II causalities. There is this need for to world not to forget the horror of such a war. So why does it keep forgetting?

In this conversation that I had, I said that I “feel” that something is coming. Now, I don’t like to be a misfortune prophet, as it is really not my style, but I do think that in the next 5, 10, etc years there will be some kind of turning point in these conflict areas. Could be good or could be bad…But there has to be one.

With the experience of the two previous world wars, I try to think that the international community is now too smart to let a 3rd World War start, but I am wrong? Tell me what you think!




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Nobel Peace Prize – European Union

Today, the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize.The President of the European Council (Herman Van Rompuy), the President of the European Commission (Durão Barroso) and the President of the European Parliament (Martin Schulz) traveled to Oslo to attend the ceremony.

This prize comes at a time that the European Union has a severe economic crisis in its hands. The prize is intended to be, despite all the criticism, an encouragement to overcome the crisis.
I don’t think that receiving a nobel prize will do much for the crisis-affected countries. I don’t think it will bring more solidarity towards them. Actually, I believe that the European Union will be able to overcome the crisis in some years; nevertheless, this prize will not bring the countries together. I’m not being pessimist, I try to be realist: the European countries will not help each other if that means putting their national interests at stake.
On a lighter note, the European Union has shown that it can be a major ally regarding Peace (and yes, we can argue about the methods, but that subject would be long enough to create another blog!).
We just have to wait to see the outcome of this prize.


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